Jun 6-7 | Nutrify C Suite Sumflex

June 6, 2024

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Elevating Nutrify C Suite Summit: A New Era for Responsible Nutraceutical Industry Growth
Since its inception in 2022, the Nutrify C Suite Summit has been on a relentless mission to ignite responsible growth within the nutraceutical industry. In line with this evolving purpose, we have taken a bold step by rebranding it as NUTRIFY C SUITE SUMFLEX 2024. “Sumflex” is a term coined to embody the ever adapting and transformative spirit of the nutraceutical industry. It signifies a “Flexible Summit” that will dynamically respond to market dynamics, propelling growth.

At the core of SUMFLEX, the Nutrify C Suite is harnessing the power of Nutrify Genie, a precision intelligence engine. This tool will play a pivotal role throughout the year, aiding the industry in responsible product development, sourcing, regulatory compliance, evidence standards, ethical sourcing, and facilitating trade access across 11 countries.

As the global nutraceutical community gathers on 6th and 7th June 2024 at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, for the Nutrify C Suite Sumflex; we will evaluate the year’s progress and address any gaps that may exist, with the aim of creating substantial opportunities for industry stakeholders.

“90% By Invite, 10% By Booking: Fostering Innovation and Inclusion”