UNPA is an international trade association representing nearly 120 leading dietary supplement, functional food, natural products and analytical, technology and related service companies that share a commitment to provide consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit and reliability. UNPA seeks to build on a 27+-year history of industry stewardship by expanding its membership to include leaders in key market sectors, countries and product categories that are willing to contribute to the responsible growth of the natural and organic health products industry.

UNPA is unique among industry trade associations in that its membership is highly collegial and collaborative within a respectful, productive business environment. This is partly because the UNPA dues structure is the same for everyone in each category, ensuring that all voices are heard equally.

We seek to create competitive market opportunities for our members while always doing what’s in the best interests of the membership, the industry and the consumers they serve.

UNPA has three levels of membership. Membership benefits and deliverables are geared to best serve each group and provide unparalleled value.

Want to know more? See About UNPA, and especially the “Why UNPA” section on that page.

​Please contact Kira Olsen, director of member services & events, 801.474.2572, for more information and to request a new member packet.



Hemp Extract/Cannabinoid New Member Policy Guidelines

Effective October 2019, UNPA will accept hemp extract/cannabinoid(s)* companies as Executive Members, whose principal business is the growing, manufacture, sale and/or distribution of hemp extracts/cannabinoid(s)* ingredients labeled as dietary supplement, food, beverage, and cosmetic products that meet the enclosed criteria.

*Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) above 0.3% is excluded



Member Benefits, Vetting & Membership Application

Executive membership

Open to companies, whose principal business is the manufacture, sale or marketing of natural and organic foods, dietary ingredients, dietary supplements (or equivalents), beverages, ingredients and natural and organic personal care products.

Science & Technology Services membership

Open to analytical laboratories, analytical instrument manufacturers, and related technology providers–companies that provide a diverse range of technologies and expertise to the natural products industry.

Vetting and requirements

To be considered for membership, companies and other organizations must have demonstrated competence in quality management, adherence to accepted industry standards and practices and must have an executive commitment to safety, science and research.

All UNPA members agree to abide by a Code of Conduct and Practice, agree to UNPA policies, as well as the terms of use for UNPA member logos.

Our admission procedure requires that companies applying for Executive membership be fully vetted and voted in by UNPA’s Executive Committee.

Science & Technology Services and Associate member candidate companies must be fully vetted and voted in by UNPA’s Membership Committee.

Associate member candidate companies are vetted by the UNPA staff as part of the membership process.

Please contact Kira Olsen, director of member services & events, 801.474.2572, for more information and to request a new member packet.

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