UNPA Signs MOU Agreement with SABPA to Share Knowledge & Expertise Around Southern African Botanicals

Mar 7, 2024

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 7, 2024) — UNPA, a leading trade organization for respected dietary supplement and natural health companies, has signed an MOU agreement with the Southern African Botanical Products Association (SABPA).

The purpose of the agreement is to advance the knowledge of Southern African botanicals throughout the US dietary supplement industry, with a specific emphasis on trade issues, research, safety, and quality.

Currently, SABPA is comprised of 17 members of Africa’s botanical products industry. The goal of the organization is to create a more connected, compliant and rich supplement industry for a region that has been held back by regulatory challenges that have hindered market access during the past two decades.

UNPA hopes to leverage SABPA’s knowledge of this region and serve as a bridge to the US dietary supplement marketplace.

“SABPA hope to raise awareness and develop markets for products in local and international markets,” said Thomas Brendler, SABPA’s head of regulatory affairs. “But for now, SABPA is focused on protecting its native and increasingly popular ingredient, Sceletium tortuosum, which has received intense interest from academia and industry for its role in depression and anxiety.”

While there are many ethical and high quality offerings on the market, there are also some that lack the appropriate regulatory expertise regarding Sceletium. This particular situation was the impetus for creating a code of conduct for SABPA members to ensure quality products, along with a quality seal to increase consumer confidence (expected end of 2024).

To that end, SABPA plans to work with local growers, traders and brand owners to standardize analytical testing in order to provide them with assurance that they are working with good quality raw material and processed products.

In the future, SABPA plans to expand beyond Sceletium to include other Southern African botanicals, such as Aloe feroxLippia javanicaPelargonium sidoides, and Myrothamnus flabellifolia.

“We are confident in working with SABPA that we can bring these quality botanicals to the US market responsibly,” said Loren Israelsen. “This is a largely untapped market that we want to make sure is shaped with safety, sustainability and quality as the pillars of its success.”

“This is a mutually beneficial partnership that will expand SABPA’s resources, while at the same time giving UNPA’s members and the industry at large the knowledge it needs to explore the use of Southern African botanicals in a rewarding and ethical manner,” Dr. Brendler commented.


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