UNPA Interview | How MarketReady are you? Shelley Sapsin from Informa sits down with Loren.

Jul 30, 2020

Loren Israelsen chats with Shelley Sapsin about their new regulatory compliance offering MarketReady Insights™ and discusses some of the 10 most common issues that the Informa standards team runs into.

What is MarketReady Insights?
MarketReady Insights is your personalized guide for navigating Informa’s vast Health & Nutrition portfolio, which produces live and digital exhibitions around the world, offers experiential education and thought leadership, and provides insights, data and content. Businesses seeking connections, intelligence and opportunities use MarketReady to create breakthroughs and make informed decisions that accomplish their objectives.

For questions, send an email to MarketReady@Informa.com or visit www.marketreadyinsights.com.