Trailblazer Tuesday: Loren Israelsen

Feb 14, 2024

Radicle Science introduces “Trailblazer Tuesday,” a monthly feature celebrating industry leaders who’ve made significant contributions to the field. The inaugural spotlight is on Loren Israelsen, who addresses common misconceptions about the dietary supplement industry, particularly the belief that it’s unregulated. He highlights the need for industry members to understand and correct this misconception. Israelsen shares a pivotal moment in his career—his personal health crisis—that instilled in him a deep sense of responsibility toward consumers. Currently, he is excited about the Q-Suite Initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between traditional C-suite roles and quality, analytical, and regulatory functions within the industry. Lastly, Israelsen anticipates that artificial intelligence and digital currencies will significantly impact the industry, but warns of the potential risks to personal freedom and privacy.

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