NEW QUALIFIED HEALTH CLAIM for magnesium and reduced risk of high blood pressure

Jan 13, 2022

Dear Colleagues —

I am pleased to inform you that on January 10 the FDA issued the attached constituent update advising the Center for Magnesium Education and Research that FDA is authorizing three qualified health claims regarding the relationship between consumption of magnesium and the reduced risk of high blood pressure.

As you will see in the constituent letter, FDA is allowing three separate qualified health claims that may be used on labels and labeling, provided the text of each claim is used just as FDA has stated.

We congratulate Mr. Johnson and the Center for Magnesium Education and Research for their efforts to have these qualified health claims recognized by FDA. On a personal note, I take magnesium daily as many others do and now hope that the great benefits of magnesium will come to broader public attention.

Finally, FDA’s response letter is 42 pages long and provides an exhaustive review of the literature and the rationale for establishing the claims as they did. This is a very useful document. We encourage you to review it, should you now choose to use one or all of these qualified health claims.



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