PRESS RELEASE | UNPA Welcomes New Members

Mar 28, 2024

UNPA Welcomes New Members

March 28, 2024, Salt Lake City, UT: UNPA, a leading trade organization for respected dietary supplement and natural health companies, is proud to welcome several new members to its organization. These new members represent the entire value chain of the dietary supplement industry, from ingredient suppliers to science and regulatory firms to finished product brands.

“These new members represent the types of companies that form the very fabric of the dietary supplement industry,” said Loren Israelsen, President, UNPA. “It is our pleasure to welcome them to the UNPA family.”

New Executive Members

UNPA’s new Executive Members include Advanced Powder Dynamics, Calroy Health Sciences, Chenland Nutritionals, Doctor’s Best, Ethical Naturals, Premier Research Labs, Stratum Nutrition, TCI Biotech, Tesseract Medical Research, and Nutraland USA.

Advanced Powder Dynamics (Payson, AZ) provides high-value, non-commodity spray drying contract manufacturing and powder product innovation. Its dynamic atomization technology allows the company to develop cost-effective processes for some of the most difficult nutraceutical and food ingredients.

Calroy Health Sciences (Scottsdale, AZ) has a tight portfolio of dietary supplement products for healthcare provider customers. The company conducts rigorous research to create and validate its unique formulations, while also implementing meticulous quality control to ensure product safety and effectiveness.

Chenland Nutritionals (Qingdao, China) supplies a variety of herbal formulations to the dietary supplement industry. All of its formulations are backed by in vitro studies, preclinical animal trials, mechanism of action studies via proteomic biotechnology, and toxicity studies. Once these studies validate the formulation, Chenland will carry out human clinical trials to support efficacy and safety.

Established by a physician more than 30 years ago, Doctor’s Best (Tustin, CA) formulates several dozen supplement products rooted in science and safety. The company is driven by sourcing top-quality ingredients and working some of the best manufacturers in the business.

Ethical Naturals, Inc. (Novato, CA) supplies high-grade botanical-based ingredients, and manufactures custom finished products in its NSF-certified cGMP facility. Raw material, testing lab and manufacturing services all operate under its NSF registered program, which means that every aspect of the supply chain is fully audited.

Premier Research Labs (Austin, TX) is an industry leader in excipient-free, preservative-free, premier quality nutritional products and super foods. Its product offerings are intended for healthcare providers that have patients with a wide variety of health needs, from adrenal support to neurological health to brain function to blood sugar management.

Stratum Nutrition (Carthage, MO) supplies unique, world-class nutritional ingredients and delivery technologies to product formulators involved in the human and pet health markets. Aside from manufacturing its own dietary supplement ingredients, the company also partners with ingredient providers that align with its core values, are passionate about science-driven claims, and whose ingredients tell a powerful story.

Founded in 1980, TCI Biotech (American Fork, UT) is a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) that specializes in formulations and products with unique, new-to-market characteristics for both the skin care and dietary supplement industries. It is actively focused on developing economy, environment, and society, creating sustainable value and potential for business.

Tesseract Medical Research (Napa, CA) has created a delivery system for its dietary supplement products that protects nutrients as they journey through the stomach, so product integrity is not compromised and patients receive the full impact of the ingredients they take. Tesseract’s CyLoc® technology encases each molecule of active ingredient in its own dextrin fiber delivery cage, while its DexKey® technology then releases the active ingredient allowing for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Nutraland USA (Irvine, CA) is a leading supplier of sustainable, plant-based nutritional ingredients for food, beverage, and supplement products. The company is focused on clean-label, sustainable solutions and dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

New Science, Technology & Professional Services Members

UNPA’s new Science, Technology & Professional Services Members include Canomiks, Rubicon Bridge, Supplement Advisory Group – Asa Waldstein, and WBX Commerce.

Canomiks (Rochester, MN) was founded by a team of world-leading academics and scientists with over 50 years of combined experience in bioinformatics, genomics, medicine, clinical science, and pharmacology. The company uses uses a genomics and AI-based platform to innovate new formulations, as well as validate, test, and certify the biological efficacy and safety of ingredients and formulations for the dietary supplement, functional food and skin care industries.

Rubicon Bridge (Hull, UK) are regulatory compliance experts that have developed a tool that automates the process. For example, dietary supplement customers can check existing formulations for compliance and then automatically generate product labels and digital assets in multiple languages. Find everything relating to a specific ingredient —  every rule, every requirement, every regulation.

Supplement Advisory Group – Asa Waldstein (Boulder, CO) provides practical regulatory support for dietary supplement and hemp product marketers. The firm focuses on finding marketing risk and providing practical lower-risk solutions on the web, social media, and product labels.

WBX Commerce (Baltimore, MD) is a performance-focused, tech-enabled Amazon advertising agency. For each of its partners, the company optimizes, scales, and automates campaigns to get the greatest return on each investment, so its customers can focus on building a portfolio of great products.