Breaking | HSA/FSA Update — Introduction of Bill

Jul 20, 2023

Dear UNPA Colleagues —

This is a big day. I am pleased to announce that a bill to allow the use of HSA/FSA cards to purchase dietary supplements has just been introduced. This comes after the hard work of the five trade associations.

UNPA Members can view a briefing memo from Peter and Trish in our content archive, as well as a joint TA talking piece and a copy of the bill itself. You may also reference the official press release from the lead sponsors which will accompany the introduction of the bill.

Now it is our job to contact members of Congress to encourage their co-sponsorship. We, the UNPA staff, will be devoting substantial time to work with various grassroots organizations and our industry members to mount a major consumer campaign to urge Congress to pass this legislation. It is long past time that we should be able to use our HSA/FSA funds to purchase health products of our choice.

Let’s make this happen, everyone.


HSA FSA bill 2023

Best regards,