30 People Who Shaped the Natural Products Industry—Including Loren Israelsen

Jan 11, 2024

I was honored to be among Vitamin Retailer’s “30 People Who Shaped the Natural Product Industry.” As I read the names, a flood of memories took me back to the many times I worked with most of these people. I knew 26 of them personally, and some for over 40 years. Of these, 16 are now deceased, and I salute James Gormley and Vitamin Retailer for their thoughtful choices and keeping the names and work of those now gone fresh in our minds. Over the course of 2024, UNPA will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of DSHEA and the broader history of the natural product industry. We will be sharing more details of our current plans with you very shortly and look forward to working with our great membership during what will no doubt prove to be a momentous 2024.

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-Loren Israelsen