Verdure Sciences

verdure sciences

YOUR PARTNER IN PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS – Verdure Sciences® supplies of plant-based ingredients backed by science with an emphasis on sustainability, traceability, clean labels, global conscience, and stewardship. From growing and harvesting to manufacturing, standardization, research, and everything in between, all phases of our ingredient pipeline hold quality, integrity, efficacy, safety, and traceability as primary concerns in offering sustainable solutions for the global market.

INGREDIENTS WITH INSIGHT: SOLUTIONS FOR A GLOBAL MARKET – We develop ingredient solutions founded in social responsibility, rigorous scientific validation, traceability, sustainability, and quality through collaborative efforts and an extensive research profile. Our commitment to quality control and our global procurement network allows us to offer new and traditional ingredients with traceability and scientific validity. Dedication to our customer needs is second to none. We proudly serve and supply customers all over the globe with our botanical ingredients, offering product support through marketing and educational efforts.