Flora Research Laboratories

Flora Research Laboratories (FRL) is an industry leader in natural products research and testing, offering our clients the best in analytical quality and performance. Our FDA-trained director is a leading expert in botanical and dietary ingredient identity testing and an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University, where he teaches botanical I.D. by microscopy and HPTLC. Flora Research works with the world’s largest analytical instrument companies to develop instrumentation and solutions for compliance with cGMPs. We offer extensive contract testing services with free rush upgrades for contract clients and use next-generation ICP-UCT-MS, HS-GCMS and GCMS-QQQ technologies for elemental, solvent residue and pesticide testing. FRL recently installed new state-of-the-art HPTLC and microscopy equipment, including a research-grade microscope and an HPTLC-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry interface to expand its identity and phytoforensic testing services. Equipped with one of the most advanced laboratories in the industry, the pioneers of phytoforensic testing solve problems ranging from product failure to routine QC analysis. As an FDA/NIH-recognized expert, the work at FRL will help assure cGMP compliance.