UNPA / Update on Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) / Request to revoke color additive listing / formation of TiO2 Working Group

Jun 14, 2023

Dear Colleagues —

Upon further investigation, we can now inform you that the Environmental Defense Fund, et al, have filed a petition to revoke the color additive list for use of titanium dioxide in food. Our current interpretation is that this would include dietary supplements and their dosage delivery systems (capsules, soft gels, tablets, etc).

This petition was posted on May 3, and the comment period closes on July 3. It is our understanding that there are also one or more GRAS affirmations for TiO2, and we will investigate this issue on a priority basis. We are also making inquiries with respect to the international regulatory status of TiO2.

In view of the multiple actions being taken against TiO2, we think it advisable to form a TiO2 Working Group in order to coordinate our efforts, exchange information, develop public statements as appropriate, and to otherwise help manage a fast-moving and widespread effort from multiple parties to remove TiO2 from the consumer marketplace.

You may join the TiO2 Working Group by contacting Heidi Calder (heidi@unpa.com).

We will convene our first meeting shortly after we return from the Kona member’s retreat coming up next week and will get a date on the calendar as soon as possible.