UNPA Kona retreat — thank you / Nainoa Thompson keynote

Jul 10, 2023

Dear Kona Retreat Family —

Thanks to all of you for making our Big Island retreat such an amazing and (dare we say) life-changing experience.

It was our dream to have Nainoa speak to us and to honor Mark Blumenthal for a life well lived — and to surprise him as well. Mission accomplished.

And this on top of the heavenly surroundings and spirit of Aloha we all felt.

This retreat also represents the beginning of several new traditions you will see again at future retreats and other UNPA events as well as a new partnership with the Polynesian Voyaging Society to support their work and vision. Nainoa alluded to this in his keynote.

It is part of our vision at UNPA to lead our industry by example and to set our course based on shared values, to honor our heritage and prepare our young “crew members” to be the future navigators of the natural product industry.

You can watch the recording below. Nainoa Thompson gave us permission to share with you all, but asked that we not share or promote commercially. Please do not share outside of the UNPA Membership.

With our warmest aloha and mahalo nui loa,
The UNPA Team