UNPA / In Memorium — The Honorable Bill Richardson and Dr. Ann LaBelle

Sep 5, 2023

From: Loren Israelsen <loren@unpa.com>
Date: Tue, Sep 5, 2023 at 12:40 PM
Subject: UNPA / In Memorium — The Honorable Bill Richardson and Dr. Ann LaBelle
To: UNPA Colleagues <heidi@unpa.com>


Dear Colleagues,

I am sorry to report the passing of two colleagues who were central to the ultimate passage of DSHEA.

First, an old and dear friend, Dr. Ann LaBelle, who was instrumental in encouraging Senator Hatch to take on the challenge of creating legislation to protect supplements. Trish worked very closely with Ann for many years, and we wish to note her passing.

Also, the Honorable Bill Richardson passed just a few days ago. Congressman Richardson was the original Democrat House sponsor of the Health Freedom Act in 1992, which was the first in a series of three bills that ultimately passed as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. The Congressman went on to a distinguished career, principally in global diplomacy, but he will be remembered by our industry as that indispensable person to get the ball rolling with DSHEA in the House.

We worked very closely with Congressman Richardson and his staff. I flew to Tucson, Arizona to meet with him personally. This was a very successful trip, and he assured me of his commitment to be the original House sponsor.

I attach a lovely and more detailed tribute from Trish and Peter about both Dr. LaBelle and Bill Richardson, which also provides a very interesting snapshot of some of the events leading up to the passage of DSHEA. I encourage you to take a moment to read it.