UNPA / Fwd: Glaxon Thermal: PEZ as a dietary supplement

Jul 12, 2023
From: Loren Israelsen <loren@unpa.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 2:41 PM
Subject: UNPA / Fwd: Glaxon Thermal: PEZ as a dietary supplement
To: UNPA Colleagues <heidi@unpa.com>

Dear Colleagues —

I have just become aware of a new product range called Glaxon Thermal, and I am seeking your opinion. 

Why is this important?

1)  Apparently Glaxon Thermal has reached an agreement with the PEZ candy company to use the PEZ logo and candy (exactly as we ate them as kids) but now to be sold as a pre-workout range of products containing some unusual ingredients.

2)  As we have seen a growing number of dosage forms entering the supplement sector (gummies, stick-packs, strips,etc.) the Agency has continued to remind industry of the distinction between dietary supplements and conventional foods and the need to respect the definitional differences.

3)  Speaking now as a father and grandfather, I have great concerns about this specific product range, because:

  • It literally is PEZ in name and shape and colors, which is a candy.
  • It is a pre-sport workout product that contains a number of dietary ingredients inappropriate for children.
I believe this case rises to the example of where UNPA should consider establishing a position with respect to this specific product as crossing the line into conventional foods and in a manner which presents an unacceptable risk of attracting children’s interest and consumption.

I also believe we are now at the point where industry needs to assert a stronger self-policing posture, particularly as we are in active debate with FDA over its proposed harm reduction policy and reorganization of the Human Foods Program, both of which we see as very negative developments for the DS industry.

What do you think? Please take a moment and answer this very simple Google survey that you either agree or disagree with the views expressed above and add any additional comments you may have. I will report the results and, based on those results, will either move toward a written statement or let the matter rest for the time being.

Thank you for your help, and I’m looking forward to your response and comments.