UNPA Expo West 2024 Show Floor Report

Mar 27, 2024

Dear Colleagues —

I am pleased to forward the much anticipated Carla Ooyen Expo West 2024 show floor report.

As always, this provides rich insights into evolving trends, together with photographic evidence and Carla’s deep background (previously a staff reporter with NBJ).

I think you will find a number of useful insights and trend lines, some of which suggest our natural product consumer is of two minds: they want this, they want that, and sometimes we can’t quite tell what they want. That’s probably as important to understand as anything: that they want it all, but they can’t have it all. So, what do we do?

Please feel free to contact Carla for further discussion and, if you deem helpful, to engage her to provide deeper insights into these important trends. You can reach her at: ooyen.research@gmail.com

Thank you, Carla. I think I can say with some confidence that no one these days can actually visit the entire show. It’s just a physical impossibility. And having your report is one of the most useful insights into what was going on while the rest of us were looking after our own business objectives.