UNPA / Dietary Supplement Caucus — Staff Briefing on Dietary Supplement Health Cost Savings

Mar 27, 2024

Dear Colleagues —

I am very pleased to report that after a long COVID-related hiatus, the Dietary Supplement Caucus congressional staff briefings are once again up and running. The attached brochure lays out the May 1, 2024 subject matter, which is the opportunity for substantial health cost savings through the use of dietary supplements.

In the past, these quarterly staff meetings have proved very valuable to provide:
Important news and updates to congressional staffers who often have little or no experience with dietary supplements (given the very high turnover rate of staff in Congress these days), and

Subject matter expertise on the value of supplements in improving health and reducing health care costs.
I thank our colleagues, AHPA, CRN, and CHPA who join us in co-sponsoring this event, and we will report back on the number of attendees, questions asked, and insights gained from this luncheon.



Read Staff Briefing Brochure Here >>