MEDIA RELEASE | Dr. Raj Chopra receives UNPA 2022 Lifetime Service and Achievement Award

May 22, 2023

Salt Lake City, Utah — The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) is pleased to announce that it has selected Dr. Raj Chopra as the 2022 Lifetime Service and Achievement Award recipient. This honor is awarded to individuals in the natural products industry who have devoted their hearts and minds to the betterment of society through ethical and diligent business leadership.

Dr. Chopra is one of the world’s leading experts in chewable multivitamin formulations, timed-release formulations, and bio-enhanced nutritional supplements. During his more than 50 years in the American health foods and vitamin industry, he has co-authored numerous papers and patents that have led to breakthroughs in nutrition. He has conducted research on the dietary supplement ingredient CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10), and he is a cofounder of Tishcon Corp., a contract manufacturer of nutrition products. 

Through Tishcon, Dr. Chopra has provided critical support for the American College of Nutrition as a National Nutrition Alliance member. Also through Tishcon, he has been an active supporter of Vitamin Angels, an organization that distributes essential nutrients and life-saving vitamins to underserved communities. Over the last 20 years, Tishcon has donated more than 20 million high-potency vitamin-A softgels to help prevent vitamin-A deficiency blindness in infants and children, particularly in countries throughout Africa and South/Southeast Asia.

Dr. Chopra is a member of professional associations, including the American Pharmaceutical Association, the American Academy of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the Institute of Food Technologies. In 2006, the American College of Nutrition honored him with the prestigious Bieber Award in recognition of “his outstanding academic accomplishments and distinguished contributions in the nutrition industry.”

This 2022 Lifetime Service and Achievement Award was presented on Dr. Chopra’s behalf at UNPA’s semi-annual members’ meeting during SupplySide West in Las Vegas on November 2, 2022.

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